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14 April 2014

EPI 1.4

Release 1.4

We're celebrating Release 1.4 with our first ever sale!

The biggest change is that we added roughly 60 new problems and 40 new variants. All of the new problems are basic programming exercises (e.g., "reverse the sublist consisting of nodes L to U in a singly linked list"). However, they require careful coding to deal with corner-cases.

We retired the same number of problems. The retired problems were more appropriate for quant interviews. Specifically, they were very math oriented. Most all of our readers are focused on software developer positions, and the retired problems, though fascinating, were a distraction.

Some other changes:

  1. We reworded text in many places to it read easier.
  2. We added more details to a number of solutions. (For example, we start many solutions with brute-force solutions that we then refine into an optimum solution.)
  3. We give better algorithms for several of the original problems.
  4. Finally, we fixed many small typos and bugs.

Read our post Why EPI? to get a broader overview of our book.

Follow us on Twitter (@epibook) and (GitHub). Many of the best ideas in the book (e.g., the study guide, ninja notation, the C++11 review) came from reader feedback. Please write to us, or post on the discourse forum, with suggestions for improvement.