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29 August 2014

Why we wrote EPI

We wrote EPI for you!

EPI began as a Google Doc which we prepared for our friends who wanted to join companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, as well as hot startups.

Like you, they had talent, but were not familiar with the interviewing style at these companies, and often failed to land their dream job.

For example, many of our friends had engineering and science degrees, or had been out of college for a while, and were not prepared for data structures and algorithms interview questions.

EPI evens the playing field. Combined with your hard work, it will enable you to interview successfully at the best companies.

Read our post EPI in a nutshell to get a broader overview of our book.

Many of the best ideas in the book (e.g., the study guide, ninja notation, the C++11 review) came from reader feedback. Please write to us, or post on the discourse forum, with suggestions for improvement.