This post clarifies questions we are often asked about EPI versions and variants.


There are two basic printed variants: Elements of Programming Interviews (which is in C++), and Elements of Programming Interviews in Java.

Each comes in two sizes: 6” x 9” and 7” x 10” - the latter uses a larger font and greater line spacing. The smaller and larger formats contain exactly the same content.

Amazon does a poor job of showing the variants. Here’s direct links to them:


People are often confused the publication dates, e.g., October 2012 date listed for the original 6 in x 9 in EPI (C++).

EPI has changed enormously since the initial release - the first release came at commit 1200, we are now at commit 3900. On the way we’ve added and removed problems, features, and content, based on trends we’ve seen at interviews. We regularly upload updated PDF to Amazon’s on-demand publishing arm, and it goes live immediately.

For this reason we very strongly recommend that you buy only from Amazon itself, not from resellers on Amazon. Regardless of the advertised release date, the version sold by Amazon itself is always current - resellers may be selling old stock, or even worse, pirated copies which have very poor print quality.