We’re happy to announce EPI is now available as an Ebook through Google Play!

Here’s the link, to the C++ version, which includes a sample. Here’s a link to the Java version.

You can read Google Play books on Android, IOS, and your computer:
Android instructions,
IOS instructions,
reading on your computer.

The Ebook is identical to the printed copy.

Read our post EPI in a nutshell to get a broader overview of our book.

Navigating the Ebook

The typographic quality of iBooks and Kindle is unacceptable for a book like EPI that has sophisticated tables, drawings, equations, code, etc. (The input to these formats is HTML and the result is hideous - trust us, we’ve tried.)

Google Play is the only ebook format that will render EPI perfectly. The PDF we provide Google includes hyperlinks that allow you to click on problems in the table of contents, and referenced page numbers. However, despite multiple attempts on our part, Google Play strips these links out, making the ebook slower to navigate and search.

With Google Play you buy the book, try it out, and ask for a refund within a certain time period, and we encourage you to take advantage of this facility.

Offline viewing
Some readers have had problems viewing the book offline. Here’s one reader’s experience, and his solution.

Last night when I disabled wifi, I noticed the book disappeared. Upon connecting to the wifi again I noticed the book eventually came back. I thought I had synced all pages manually, but I noticed I was missing a few pages in the middle. Apparently the app won’t let you view the book offline until all pages are synced. I noted that during all these times the blue circle with checkmark was to the bottom right of the book as if the book is synced, but that wasn’t the case.

I decided to sync those missing pages manually, but I noticed a weird thing after they were synced like a repetition of the same pages, like 65-68 couple of times in a row. I decided at that time to remove the book from downloads, and close the app altogether (double tap on home key and scroll up the app in the background). I thought about reinstalling the book app, but didn’t.

Then I started the download of the book again overnight…

This morning I noticed the blue checkmark, as if the book is synced. Upon opening it, I saw that the pages weren’t synced either. This time I went to the beginning of the book, and scroll to the end (faster if you put the device in horizontal/landscape/2pages mode). Making sure that all pages are synced. Then did a couple of tests relaunching the app after:

  • wifi disabled (app still in background)
  • wifi disabled, close app.
  • wifi disabled, rebooted ipad

and they all worked and I was able to read the book offline this time. Maybe the book was corrupted before ?

But I can tell that blue checkmark on the bottom right of the book doesn’t mean sync (at least not here)